Upgrade Your Plan to Include Reviews for Multiple Business Locations

Businesses with multiple locations benefit the most from online reviews!

Online reviews have the ability to make or break your business regardless of  being part of a franchise or a successful entrepreneur with several businesses around the region.

For only $99 per extra location, you can add multiple locations to your master account. This provides you access to:

  • Different User Levels
    We know your locations have employees of varying authority levels. GoldStar Reviews has three user levels.
  • Super Administrator User Level
    Controls all company, location, and user information.
  • Location Administrator User Level
    Controls all location and user information for a single location.
  • User Level
    Controls only their individual review/rating requests and settings
  • Email Alerts Specific to Individual Locations
    With a location upgrade, you’ll receive alerts telling you which specific location has received reviews. You’ll know in real-time how your company locations are performing.
  • Control Over Location Review Websites
    Since GoldStar Reviews enables you to receive reviews on any website, you can pick and choose what websites each location focuses on.
  • Location-Specific Email Templates
    If your locations each have different brands and processes, this feature allows you to customize each email template.
  • By-Location Reporting
    Easily see how each location performing based off of ratings, reviews, and more.
  • Reports Based On Users
    Along with location-based reporting, you can also see how each user is performing with the review requests they are sending, and their average star rating.

Upgrade your Account Today to Get Reviews on All Your Locations

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