Earn More Online Reviews for Your Business

GoldStar Reviews gives you a simple process that allows your customers to easily submit reviews to the most important online review websites.

Impress Customers with Quality Reviews

Customers use online reviews to determine company quality. Make sure your online reviews are driving business to your company.

Promote the Voice of Your Customers

Whether positive or negative, customers will voice their opinions of your business. By helping this process you can strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Provide Feedback to Your Customers

Resolved customers service issues can ensure a return customer. GoldStar Reviews can help you provide feedback to your customers and resolve a negative experience.

GoldStar Reviews Makes Getting Online Reviews Easy

GoldStar Reviews is an automated system that allows customers to easily submit reviews. Business owners can walk customers through the reviewing process at the appropriate time that is convenient to them and the customer.

Collect Reviews on the Sites That Matter to You the Most

Publish reviews across popular and industry related rating sites. Wherever your customers are online, your reviews will be too.

Completely Customizable

You have the ability to completely customize every aspect of Goldstar Reviews to match your company’s look. Customize your portal’s appearance as well as the content and design of your emails.

Customer Relationship Management

For easy accessibility, GoldStar Reviews will organize information collected from your customers into the CRM.

Resolve Customer Complaints

With real-time alerts, you can respond immediately to negative and positive customer experiences. You can resolve customer complaints or thank customers for leaving a great review.

Multiple Storefronts

GoldStar Reviews allows for multiple business locations to receive individual reviews with ease.

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